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Sun Conure Parrot

Sun Conure Parrot - The Beautiful But Temperamental Bird

The sun conure parrot or sun parakeet belongs to the Aratinga genus that includes a number of subspecies. Despite their variety, the common aspect that makes them popular are their brilliant colors and their playful temperament.
Debopriya Bose
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
The sun parakeet is a native of the northeastern parts of South America. These birds catch one's attention due to their brilliant plumage. They are bright yellow almost all over, with an orange face and underparts. They have a few green streaks within their feathers that cover their wings. The tail feathers are a mixture of green and blue whereas the flight feathers are a deep blue. With such vibrancy, it easily becomes one of the most desired pets.
The Personality
Though, around twelve inches in length, it is best not to let oneself be fooled by the size of this bird. They have a multi-facteted personality that may amuse an experienced bird handler as well. These parrots are active and spunky birds that are very curious and playful too. They enjoy interacting with human beings and develop a strong bond with their owners. Sun conure parrots love to play with toys and their antics during such times are usually hilarious. Bell toys that can make a lot of noise and toys made of soft wood that can be easily chewed, are instant hits with them. Despite their cheerful disposition, they can have quite an attitude. They love to be pampered by their owner and may explicitly express their displeasure if enough attention is not shown to them.
I know of a sun conure that a friend of mine owns and I have seen him nibbling at my friend's ear if he doesn't have anything interesting to do. One of the amusing aspects of the personality is that they can be easily trained to perform some amazing tricks although their verbal capabilities are quite limited. A sweetheart in its early years, it may become a little troublesome as it grows. Like all other parrots, this bird needs some firm instructions about behavior that should be gently enforced.
Care for the Parrot
Sun conures in the wild primarily eat fruits, nuts, and seeds. However, in captivity the diet should be well-balanced. Include fruits, leafy vegetables, sprouted seeds and pellets in the diet. Remember that variety in the diet is the best way to stimulate its appetite. Avoid chocolates and caffeine as these can be toxic to your parrot. They should have a constant supply of clear water kept in a bowl in their cage to drink.
Space and Activity
As already discussed, these parrots are very active and playful. Hence, it is important to provide them with enough space where they can move, fly, and play around with their toys. Hence the cage should be big enough so that the bird can have an active life. In fact, bigger the size of the cage, happier would your sun conure be.
Owner's Responsibilities
An owner's responsibility does not end with providing proper food, space, and exercise for his parrot. Before considering these birds for adoption, one has to remember that these are extremely social birds that need constant attention of their owners. Hence, ensure that they are not left alone for long. In case you and your family often go out on vacations, then this bird definitely does not belong to your household. Also ensure that the cage is not placed in a secluded corner of the house. Keep them close to the areas that have maximum activity. These are pretty vocal birds and with their loud shrill calls, they are quite noisy. Also, with a life span of 25 to 30 years, buying one is a long term commitment. Hence, before you go looking for sun conures for sale, be sure that you are ready for one.
Sun conure parrots are great companion birds that, with a little care are easy pets to keep. Besides their brilliant color, what endears this bird to most owners is their active and playful temperament.
sun conure parrot bird feeding on grain
Merry twins
Sun Conure Parrot bird
Sun Conure parrot birds together