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How to Attract Crows to Your Backyard

How to Attract Crows to Your Backyard
Either for observing them or to get rid of food waste, if it's crows that you want in your yard, this BirdEden article will give you several ways of how to do just that.
Rujuta Borkar
Roadkill? Gimme!
Crows are known to feast on roadkill. So if you do get your hands on some, then, by all means, use it to attract the crows.

You know what? We get that there may be absolutely no specific reason for you wanting to bring crows into your backyard, except for the fact that you love birds. Bird lovers do not discriminate that way. Right? If you've had birds visiting your yard and have gotten used to them being around, then them suddenly not turning up will leave you feeling like something is pretty much amiss. We get it. Crows are really sweet little creatures, if you've ever had the opportunity to just observe them, and they bring a whole lot of life into the yard. Not to mention, cleanliness. They act like scavengers and clean up all the food waste that you discard, a work that they are quite unappreciated for.

So whether it is simply owing to the fact that you like crows, or because you want them to clean up the food waste, you will need to know how to attract a crow to your yard. Which is exactly what this BirdEden article will tell you all about―the best ways to attracting crows. Read and learn.

How to Attract Crows to Your Garden

The following are some sure ways to attract crows to your yard, maybe by the dozens.

1. Make the Yard 'Crow-safe'
First things first―make sure that your yard is 'crow-friendly'. This is very important when trying to attract crows. Crows will avoid anything that seems like a threat to them. So get rid of anything that is large (like huge barrels and ladders) and produces noise (like wind chimes and jingles fitted on door knobs) from your yard. Another important thing, in case you have any pets, make sure that they're far, far away from the yard. Crows will not descend to the yard if there are any pets hanging around.

2. Provide Roosting Ground
In case there are trees in your yard, that's one thing taken care of. Crows will settle on trees as resting posts, and sometimes, even for nesting. In case there are no trees, or very few trees in your yard, you can build a few wooden shelves and have them installed at a height against the wall or on platforms―make sure these are high. This will give the crows something to sit on in the yard and you can observe them better.

3. Feed Them with This and That
The best way to attract crows is to feed them. It's that simple. But remember two things―one, feed them at the same time everyday so that a routine sets (the ideal time is early in the morn and late in the eve), and two, you will have to gain their trust and form a routine, so you will need to give it time. When you follow these two factors, it should not take time for the crows to come along. The following are some of the foods that crows are known to love.

Lay Out the Eggs
Crows are known to enjoy chicken and duck eggs. In fact, if you observe the crows in their natural habitat, they are known to steal eggs from the nests of other birds as well. Laying out small-sized eggs in whole will do the trick.

Unsalted Peanuts
Crows seem to really enjoy peanuts. But make sure that these are unsalted. You can either scatter these around the yard or leave out a bunch on the ground. Some people prefer to feed the crows unshelled peanuts since these cannot be cracked open by other birds and crows will do the job just fine. Hence ensuring that they are consumed only by the crows and no other birds.

Chicken and other Meat Fat
Crows are known as scavengers and they love to feast on meat. So all that meat fat and other parts that you're about to discard can be easily used as crow feed. However, don't give them processed meat and other meat products from fast food joints.

Corn and Sunflower Seeds
Another favorite food that the crows simply love to devour is corn and sunflower seeds―especially cracked corn. Like you did earlier, you can simply scatter these all over the yard.

Cat/Dog Food
Funnily, crows will even eat cat and dog food. Many people will leave out the leftover pet food and it's pretty much gone in a few minutes. While crows will eat the dried stuff as well, in the winter it is advised that the food be soaked in water before keeping it out for your winged friends.

Fruits and Vegetables
Oh yes, that's right. Crows will eat fruits and vegetables as well. But here's the deal, if you've been feeding them meat everyday and you suddenly switch over to fruits and veggies, there is a high chance that they will not eat them. Crows are fussy like that and once they have been spoiled with a particular type of food, getting them to switch is difficult.

Bird Seeds
Regular bird seeds are also known to work wonders as well. In fact, if you have a bird feeder installed, you might have seen crows trying to get to feed from it.

►Bread Soaked in Water
A simple fare, but crows will eat that as well. Put out some bread that has been soaked in water and they will gobble it right up.

Other Foods
You can even give them boiled potatoes and other boiled vegetables. Also, they are known to love insects and worms as well, but we understand that these are not simple enough to find and keep out.

Crows will usually dunk their food in water to soften it before eating the same. So make sure to keep a bowl of water nearby.

4. Draw them a Bath
That's right. Build a small water structure or place a tub filled with water in the yard―like a slightly bigger bird bath. During the summer, the crows will descend for water for drinking and bathing, and in winter when there is less water to be found, the water will really help. 

5. Use Shiny Objects
Of all the things that attract crows, shiny objects are known to garner the most success. If you've observed crows, they really fancy these objects, even so much as rummaging through garbage to pick out these and carry them off to their nests. So placing small objects in the yard that are bound to shine with the sunlight is another way to attract crows. 

6. Place Some Fake Crows
Crows have a crowd mentality going for themselves, which means that they will usually follow other crows to their roosting and feeding grounds. So you can buy a few fake crow toys and place them around the yard, and in come the crows.

And there you have it, some of the best ways to attract crows in the backyard and make them stay. Try out a combination of these methods and you're sure to find success soon. Just be patient, and remember never to leave out any food through the night or it will lead to rodents coming in.
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